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Occupational Names

Explore 438 careers with their 1532 occupational titles alongside well-researched information on them.


Interact and Enjoy the information/data of occupations and careers on the platform with designed tools for your use. (coming soon)


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Careerpedia is a content driven platform that updates you with all neccesary

information and data needed to build and sustain your career or job.

If you think "Getting a dream job is the door to success", we think "Careerpedia is the only key you need to open it"

Careerpedia is content

Careerpedia is carefully designed to house content of various kinds around occupations across the world such as discussions, videos, news, pictures etc.

Dataset Changes Mindset

Beyond content, we believe in the continuous collation of data to help drive proper information to the public. We continuously analyze data from recruiters to career enthusiast to build the information on Careerpedia. With Careerpedia tools, you can access and interact with any dataset needed to help make career or job decisions better.

Trust Our Information

We are continuously building a community of content developers and contributors across the country and beyond that shall help make sure you have access to the most viable information for that decision you want to make. Our open data system of approach makes it easy to get the best information amongst numerous data added to our platform better than any other offers.

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