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About career day

career day

Career day is a 3-day programme designed by Careerpedia Nigeria for secondary school students to help drive young people towards the consciousness of career building decisions at the early stages of their lives. From choosing a career path to growing academically and professionally in their chosen careers, Careerpedia aims to provide support throughout the stages of development.

socio-economic impact

We believe the young generation is responsible for shaping the future of our economy. Providing them with the right set of information to take control of the future industries starts with the conscious effort to make informed career decisions with adequate follow up.Careerpedia will continue to exist to make sure the younger generation is consciously furnished and equipped with the right set of data necessary to build the economy with the career decisions they make.

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Day 1

Students will be assessed and placed into 4 major groups that wil be used for proper counselling. These grouping are based on personal traits and their external interactions. This occurs a week before the main career day event.

Day 2

  • Introduction Introduce students to the whole career day event
  • Occupational Fair This includes students taking a tour round career booths that have a list of numerous occupations, descriptions and images to explain further. Students and parents will be allowed to ask questions on any information seen on the boards of the booths.
  • Career Development Lecture Students will have the chance to listen to professional and experts in various industries to give them advices on a good career.
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Day 3

Select students will be awarded for participating in various career-related competitions which they would have been informed about on day 2.

career days

The career day event is to be hosted in 10 different schools.

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